Episode 20 – eSports for Development?

In Episode 20, we look at Esports and their contribution to sport for development.

We kick off with a news round up from Sara, summing up some of the latest stories from the world of sport for development.

Our main interview is with Richard Loat, a sport for development consultant with a focus on Esports and founder of @esportsforchange. He spoke to Dave on the Esports growth, how it can contribute to social good and the challenges around this

The pod then chew over Esports, the challenges and the opportunities. Our recent twitter call out showed that there were strong nostalgic memories for many people regarding sport and video games, but can it be a positive force for social change and if so how does it do that?

Finally, we have we have the latest installment of the quiz, on Esports of course. Can Lee or Sara win out in a head to head battle on Esport facts.

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