Episode 17 – #BalanceforBetter

As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we have dedicated an episode looking at theme of the day, gender balance.

Firstly we hear from the I think She’s Offside Podcast, exploring all things women in sports. You can follow them on twitter here.

As usual ConnectSport‘s Simon Lansley talks us through the latest in the world of Sport for Development.

The pod then gets in to the issue of gender balance in Sport. Dave gives his perspective from working with older people and physical activity. Lee and Sara reflect on their time coaching with Cricket Without Boundaries and how gender balance has played an increasing part in delivery, while Sara highlights the work of Parivartan for Girls, using Kabaddi to challenge ideas of what spaces are suitable for girls.

Sara speaks to Hannah from Mini Mermaid UK, a running club dedicated to improve the confidence of women and girls.

We also hear from the women and girls involved in Lee’s Nepal project with Connecting Clubs from last year on how cricket is being used to address gender imbalance.

Finally, Sara takes the reins for a one-off quiz, testing Lee and Dave on their knowledge of female participation in Olympics, with suprising and shocking results. Her quiz is based on this IOC report.

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