Episode 15 – Dreaming big in 2019

Happy New Year to everyone, here’s to a happy and prosperous 2019.

Starting 2019 on a positive note, our first podcast of the year looks at what sport for development people are excited about for this year.

Before we jump into that, we first hear from Carl Ferguson from Cricket Without Boundaries, a charity we are all passionate about, who gives us the lowdown on the latest volunteering opportunities.

We then hand it over to Simon Lansley from ConnectSport for a round up of the latest news in sport for development.

We got in touch with some familiar voices from 2018 to hear about whats in the pipeline for 2019 and what can we expect from the sector as a whole. There’s an exciting mix of new projects, interactions with with other sectors and new ways of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sara and Lee preview their year, which features more cricket coaching with different social focus, new self-testing HIV projects and setting up of two more women’s clubs in Liverpool.

We talk about our desire (and several of the contributors) to see sport for development take the next step, proving its worth to people in health and social care, prisons, education etc to become the properly funded and respected discipline that we believe it should be.

Finally, the quiz continues with Sara 8-4 up over Lee. In this episodes the quiz focuses on the big sporting events in 2019, will Lee claw some points back or will Sara continue as she left off in 2018?

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Next months episode will look at sport and its contribution to human rights. We want to hear from projects working in this field about the benefits, challenges and the future of the work. Please get in touch via:

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