Episode 12 – I don’t like cricket, I Love it.

In Episode 12, we explore how one of our shared passions, cricket and how it can be used for social development.

The episode kicks off with an update on the latest Sport and Development stories from ConnectSport‘s Simon Lansley (@simonlansley).

We then hear about Sara’s trip to Kenya with Cricket Without Boundaries. You can find out more about the trip here 

The pod then discuss the pros and cons of cricket as a tool for development including:

  • How can the technical nature of the game be harnessed for good?
  • Is the complicated nature of the game and the equipment an issue?
  • How can it be used for gender equality?The interviews this episode are Richard Joyce, Richard Darwin and Vanessa Greene from UK cricket charity Chance 2 Shine. 

Finally, the quiz this week features five cricket charities which Lee and Sara have to guess from their descriptions. They are:

As always please get in contact with questions, suggestions or feedback via twitter (@goodsportscast) or email (info@goodsportscast.org.uk)

Thanks for listening and keep an eye for a couple of guest hosts as Sara is off to Malawi for some monitoring and evaluation work and Lee is away coaching in Jordan and Nepal.

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