Episode 11 – Creativity and Learning

In Episode 11, we take a look back at what we’ve learned so far on the pod, hear from Create Chief Executive Nicky Goulder and the quiz returns. Also for the first time, we record the (majority of) the podcast in person as the whole team are at the Cricket Without Boundaries training weekend. As we spoke about on the last episode, there is still time to volunteer with the charity in 2019, just go to cricketwithoutboundaries.com/volunteer

News Roundup

In a new feature for the pod, Simon Lansley, CEO of ConnectSport, runs us through the latest news from the Sport for Development world. Find out more about Connect Sport and their excellent weekly newsletter here – http://www.connectsport.co.uk/

As we’ve always said, our podcast is a learning journey so after ten episodes, we’ve compiled a top ten list of what we’ve learned. They are:

  1. Delighted on how the podcast has gone, everyone we have spoken to has been friendly and collaborative and we’d love to speak to more people!
  2. There is a diversity of models of how sport can be used to further development aims or be used for good
  3. Wide range of issue that can be tackled through Sport for Development, we’ve heard from mental health, prison, anti-social behaviour projects and many more
  4. Successful projects are needs led and the sport and dev professionals have a flexible framework to adapt – even if there are no explicit messages, just playing is an outcome
  5. No matter the size of the organisation everyone is still grappling with M&E to prove impact
  6. Relationship with elite sport is complicated and there are clearly pros and cons on their involvement
  7. Increasing corporate involvement, releases more cash but at what cost?
  8. Partnerships from across sectors generate some really interesting projects and make us look at things differently
  9. All the interviews have been really easy and enlightening,  due to the passion of all people involved
  10. Good coaches who understand how to deliver quality sport and dev sessions are worth their weight in gold, but don’t necessarily have to come from a sports background.


Next, we speak to Nicky Goulder, CEO of Create, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through creative arts. Nicky and Lee chat through the relationship between creativity and development and how it compares with Sport for Development. Find out more about Create here or follow them on twitter @createcharity

The Quiz!

Following the theme, the quiz this week is on people who have excelled into both the sporting and the creative world. Currently the score is 5-4 to Sara, can she extend her lead or will Lee level the series.

Podcast recommendations

Lee also has podcast recommendations

As always please get in touch via the usual ways and thank you for listening!

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