Episode 8 – Sport has the power to change the world

In this episode, on the 100th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, we’re looking at the history of sport, sport for development, and the key figures in the development of the field. We explore where organised sport came from, how sport and development went from a UN and national government led enterprise to a civil society driven field, and those key civil society figures who put the field on the map. As always, we enjoyed another quiz, this week on famous Laureus ambassadors. And finally, we heard from a few of our past guests on what Sport for Development means to them.


1922 International Labour Organization and International Olympic Committee establish institutional cooperation

1947 Sports tournaments held in German refugee camps

1958 UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child is adopted, recognizing the right to the full opportunity for play and recreation

1960s and 70s lot of governments in Europe instigate “sport for all” policies, with resulting increases in participation in these countries

1978 adoption of UNESCO international charter of Physical Education and Sport, which recognises sport and physical education as a fundamental right for all.

1983 roll out of a “sport for all programme” in Tanzania by the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport.

1994 foundation of Olympic Aid by Johann Kloss at the Lillehammer Olympics. Goes on to become Right to Play.

2000 foundation of Laureus and “that” Mandela speech

2003 UN commissions and approves a major milestone document, “Sport for Development and Peace: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

6th April 2014 the first observed UN International Day for Sport for Development and Peace.

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1 comments on “Episode 8 – Sport has the power to change the world”

  1. very informative and progressive web site,
    unfortunately, the contribution of Pakistani sport is not highlighted at the international forum and I would like to share the history of sport in Pakistan. Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah speech at First National Olympic in 1948. Here it is:
    ”Build up physical strength not for aggression, not for militarism, but for becoming fighting fit, all your life and all the time in every walk of life of your nation wherever you be and always to be a force for peace, international amity and goodwill.”
    (Father of the Nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah on April 22, 1948, at First Pakistan Olympic Games)

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