Episode 6 – Sports United Down Under

Opening up

Lee has returned from a Cricket Without Boundaries project with students from Leeds Trinity to Rwanda. You can find out more about the project here. We have been busy during this break, as we are now working in partnership with two great Sport and Development organisations: SportandDev and ConnectSport. Please check out both organisation for a wealth of information on the sector. Big thanks to Simon Lansley for making this happen.

Sports United

We talked to Richard and Emma, the people behind Sports United. This Sport and Development organisation started in the University of South Australia but is now working with different communities all over Australia. You can find out more about their work here.

The demise of the ‘pick up’ game

A key part of Richard and Emma’s work is speaking to communities and finding out more about ‘casual’ rather than structured sport. We spotted an article in the Conversation that looked at how the marginalisation of these casual sports were threatening the social cohesion of Sydney. We share our own experiences of the pros and cons of putting structure around Sport

The Australasian Quiz

The return of the Good Sports Quiz! This time with an antipodean feel as the questions are sourced from the following:

Australian Government’s investment in Sport and Development

New Zealand Value of Sport Survey

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