Episode 2 – Scoring Goals for Sport and Development

In this first full episode of the Good Sports Podcast we’re talking goals: Sustainable Development Goals and Tackle Africa’s football and development goals. Join us as we look at how the Sustainable Development Goals can link to sport, where the opportunities lie and what the challenges are, then listen in on Dave’s chat with Tackle Africa CEO Charlie Gamble as they discuss his personal journey in sport and development, what Tackle Africa are doing, and where their next steps lie. Finally, play along with our inaugural quiz and learn a bit more about other sport and development organisations.

Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals

Check out the UNOSDP document on Sport and the Sustainable Development Goals, which we used as the starting point for this podcast.

To view the Sustainable Development Goals in full, and learn about building partnerships for the goals, check out the UN’s SDGs mini site.

Our key take-aways:

  • Going through the Sport and Sustainable Development Goals document is a great way for sports organisations to reflect on which development goals their work is contributing to
  • By using the common language of the Goals it is easier to find partners who are working towards similar goals in different spheres
  • Sport should caution against positioning itself as a panacea for all problems, and recognise the tensions between community and elite sport with regards to the Goals

Let us know if you had a go at looking at the SDGs for your organisation, and if it triggered any thoughts, ideas or questions! info@goodsportscast.org.uk @goodsportscast

Charlie Gamble, CEO of Tackle Africa

Charlie spoke about his previous work at Street League and then the excellent work Tackle Africa are doing in sub-Saharan Africa

Our key takeaways:

  • The value of evidencing impact is invaluable in growing the credibility of the sector and expanding delivery of programmes
  • Balancing expanding delivery with continuing to meet local needs is critical to retaining this credibility

The Quiz

Here are the organisations mentioned in the quiz, all of which can be found on the Sport and Dev website 

Sport-for-development program that develops Afghan girls’ and women’s self-confidence, leadership skills and civic engagement through the sport of mountain climbing.

UMOYA Sports Foundation aims to provide holistic development and breaking the barriers by bringing ‘Joy of Sports’ in the lives of people with disabilities.

Formally incorporated in October 2016 ,We are a grassroots Community Based Organisation using football to promote participatory development among children and youth in Nairobi.

Rugby Para Todos
Contribute to the physical and mental development of children and teenagers in low income areas of the Caracas, who have no possibility to be exposed to rugby.

MVP sports
MVP SPORT is a non-profit organisation with the aim of creating a new model of sports education for youth risk behaviors prevention and positive development through sport.

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