The Good Sports Podcast is dedicated to answering the big questions that surround sport, development, and all the different ways the two fields can interact: What does good like? How can we do better? And how can we measure it? We’re learning as we go – get involved, get talking, and get learning with us!

Meet the Good Sports

Sara, Lee and Dave are The Good Sports. Sport and development enthusiasts, they were brought together through their involvement with charity Cricket Without Boundaries. The trio have learnt a lot over the years, but the more they learnt, the more they realised there was to know. The idea for the podcast was formed: speak to other practitioners and experts in the field and start opening up discussions about sport, development, and how they interact.
Sara Begg

Sara Begg

A self-confessed nerd, Sara recently switched from a career in Sports Development to International Public Health research. She’s all about that Monitoring & Evaluation life.
Lee Booth

Lee Booth

A veteran of nearly 20 CWB projects, and coordinator of delivery of the charity year round, Lee is the “do-er” of the group and is interested in the practicalities of getting things done.
Dave Terrace

Dave Terrace

Keen to help young and old, Dave works in older adult physical activity and has been on a number of CWB trips. Interested in funding, interaction with elite sport and how sport and dev fits into larger social systems.


Why Sport and Development?

We know that sport and development can work together in lots of different ways; we’ve tried to summarise these into three main types of work, all of which we will cover in The Good Sports Podcast.
Sports Development
Sports for Development
Development Through Sport

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